Cael’s 5th Golf Birthday

So I’ve been planning Cael’s 5th birthday. It’s going to be at a local mini-golf place. I’ve been on Etsy and EBay buying stuff for the party for the last month. I’ve invited about 35 kids, of which I anticipate about 24 to attend. It’s always hard with summer vacations and so many other things going on to get a convenient date for people.
I have coordinated the outfits, purchased the balloons, next big item was the cake. I was originally going to budget up to $200 for a cake but decided I could attempt to make it myself for a big cost savings that could be budgeted elsewhere, like favors or a photographer.

I spent at lest two weeks googling golf cake images and “how tos” for cakes, watched YouTube videos etc. Finally I decided on a simple design. I made the cake/cupcake toppers myself. After free printable flag numbers and the tees, sticks and balls I got on eBay I definitely spent about half of the amount it would have been to buy the items. With just a little hot glue and Elmer’s glue I was ready.

Next up, icing supplies. I googled how to make grass icing. I went to Michael’s and got my Wilton tips and icing bags, and some green Wilton fondant and was ready to go.

My trial cupcakes were first. We used regular Pillsbury funfetti mix and Pillsbury icing. I made the icing green and kept it in the fridge overnight to harden. The final result…



Next up the trial cake.
I used regular butter vanilla Pilsburry with chocolate icing over two 8 inch rounds. I rolled out the green fondant. Did little fondant balls on the bottom and icing on the top, using the dyed Wilton buttercream icing. The final result…




Next up, the cake/cupcake stand!! Still working that one. 6 days to go, it’s crunch time!


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