Running-Positive thoughts yield positive results & NEVER think you can’t

I have a coworker who a few months ago (early July) mentioned they were going to enter a 10k. Next thing I knew my untrained, hadn’t run a mile in more than nine months self, agreed to do the same.

I guess it was some inner competitiveness and not wanting to accept the fact that a peer could accomplish a feat of physical fitness that I could not as well. But really, what was I thinking?!

For purposes of full disclosure I work out a good deal, I lift weights and may do 20 minutes on the bike at a time. However, neither of these provide you with the cardiovascular endurance needed for running. My self-proclaimed physically fit self soon realized this.

I quickly jumped in with two feet because I had 2 months to do a 10k!

I first signed up for every local race I could find. One, than another, than another….

The races were:

July 23rd Packanack Lake 5K

Aug 20th Born to Run 5k

Sept 5th Arboretum Run

Sept 11th Tunnels to Towers 5k Run

Sept 18th Brian’s Run

Oct 10th Spartan Run

And after becoming slightly addicted I think there may be more.  And it’s a great way to teach your kids about fitness.  Cael loves going to the races too!

When I got to the first race I was a little intimidated by the “real runners” in their running gear and running club and track team jerseys…but I was determined (although a little scared) to hold my own.

The first race definitely could use a lot of improvement

7/23 time- 28:36. I was determined to do better next time

8/20- 26:22 (goal was 27)

9/5 – 25:39 (goal was 25:30)

9/11(goal is 24:59)

9/18 (goal is 60:00)

10/10 (goal is 24)

Once one race ends I get so excited for the next one. There’s nothing like setting a goal and trying to accomplish it to make you feel on top of the world!


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