Working mind, BODY, and soul….faster, stronger, harder longer.

I am obsessed with everything, health, fitness and nutrition.   I am never really on a diet and I have always pretty much been in shape because I belive that it is a way of life you need to believe in and make a part of who you are.   I love being fit and I think a healthy strong body leads to a healthy strong mind. 

I really can’t decide if I like cardio or lifting weights better.  I think I go back and forth.  I want to do nothing but run for periods, and then all I want to do is lift.  Obviously though BALANCE is the key.  This is the time of year we are all thinking spring/summer, and most importantly, BIKINIS AND VACATION.  I am a firm beleiver in the idea that the best way to get in shape is to NOT get out of shape.  The two months I MAY consider slacking a BIT is November and December. And that is only a few sporadic days here and there.  I don’t wait till New Years, I’m already doing extra cardio to make up for that slice of cheesecake the day after Christmas.  

I don’t have an amazing transformation story.  I have never really been that out of shape.  I was very in shape in high school playing tennis and running track.  During the off months I would lift weights after school.  I really started loving to lift weights when I was about 14…wow, that was like 18 years ago (I had to just do the math in my head) and its been a love ever since. I’ve totally lost track of how many gyms I’ve belonged to over the years. 

Well, that is Part I of the story…stay tuned for Part II tomorrow.


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