Delicious, Refreshing Sangria…just in time for spring!

Now that the weather is getting warm….finally.  I am already daydreaming about evenings on the deck firing up the grill, and of course relaxing with a cocktail after a long day at work.

The three cocktails that come to mind when the warm weather hits are sangria, margaritias, and mohitos!  Today we are focusing on the sangria…of course there will be later posts on the latter two:)

Sangria is so easy to make, and the combinations to experiment with are endless.  Since its more like a fruity punch, even people who are not big wine drinkers are sure to be pleased.


Wine– I usually start with a large 1.5 L bottle because I am either making it for a crowd or to last almost a week with the fruit marinating.  You can use any wine you wish…while red is the most common to mix with sangria I also find white to be very refreshing on a warm day.

 1/2 cup Triple Sec- this is to add a little bit of a fruity flavor, if you do not want to add the extra alcohol you could substitute orange juice or omit it all together

Fruit- Apples and Oranges are always the staples in my sangria and I usually add a third, can be peaches, pears, or I have even used frozen mango chunks.  The possibilities are really endless and really up to your preference

1 cup diet sprite you can add up to 2 cups if you want a less alcoholic and lighter drink but I like to just use a little bit to add that sparkling feel to the drink.  You can obviously use regular sprite or even ginger ale. 

Allow fruit to marinate overnight or at least throughout the day. 

The best sangria is not served right away but after the fruit has had time to flavor the wine.

Finally, enjoy!  I know I myself am looking forward to many spring and summer nights ahead with a glass of fruity refreshing goodness:)


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  1. Yay for Mojitos. I can’t wait until my mom has fresh mint, as it’s the ONLY way to do Mojitos, in my opinion. I like your blog – fun colors and concepts.

  2. Sangria has been a favorite drink of mine ever since I started drinking — nothing says “summer” like the combination of wine, fruit, & some fizzy soda. I’ll have to check out this recipe… I’ve never tried it with Triple Sec before. –Dave (@BuckyKatt on Twitter)

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