Determination, Persistence, Success

Determination, Persistence, Success

Keep steadily before you the fact that all true success depends at last upon yourself. Theodore T. Hunger

I start every Monday thinking it is going to be the best week ever . A great start to a great week is a great workout. It makes your body feel strong, your mind feel strong and gives you the energy you need to get moving in the right direction.

Diet. A great week includes a great diet. Again, gives you the energy you need to accomplish great things, complements your great workout and feeling good about what you eat also shows pride in your well being. Obviously your diet effects how your body looks, and I truly think that how you look on the outside has an effect on how you feel on the inside.

Powerful positive thinking throughout the day. As most people I enjoy a good motivational quote. I won’t lie, I LOVE them. I think a quick reminder of the path you are on and the goals you wish to achieve are little things that can keep you on track. Just like the importance of surrounding yourself with positive people. The old saying, together we achieve more is so true. Nobody is an island, everyone needs a little support, encouragement, and praise. When you have a good network of friends, family or coworkers who either share your goals and ambitions or who cheer you on its that little extra something that can give you a boost on days you may be feeling more sluggish than others.

The twin sister to a good workout….a good night’s sleep. I almost feel like I start thinking delusional thoughts when I am going on very little sleep. To the contrary, a good nights rest, followed by the routine above…gym, strong feelings of body and mind, positive thinking…gives me the energy to feel like I can conquer my world by accomplishing all I set out to do that day/week.

And it’s as simple as that.


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