I have to say, I really watch what I eat.  I must say it might be to the point of obsession I think about food A LOT and I read EVERY label.

That being said, I think I make some pretty good choices.  I love when I find a new product that fits perfectly into my diet. The top three examples of things I will be eating today, all of which I discovered within the last year, and all of which are good for you.

Whole Wheat 100 calorie sandwich flats–I LOVE these things–can’t get enough. There are now different brands (Arnold, Pepperadge (sp) Farm, etc) with only 100 calories and about 5 g of fiber they are good for you and make great toast or sandwiches. I love to make a sandwich with turkey, a slice of low-fat cheese melted in the george Forman grill. It’s like a panini but rather than a fattening, carb loaded, sandwich from a deli you know exactly what is going in your mouth and it tastes GREAT.

Emerald Almonds 100 calorie packs. My favorites are cocoa and cinnamon; They are a perfect snack, crunchy, flavorful, good fats, vitamin E, with a little protein, fiber and low carb. Excellent.

Chobani Greek yogurt. Great taste, great flavors, great for you. With about 140 to 160 calories, 15 g of protein way more than regular yogurt, and extra creamy. While I typically do not like yogurt with fruit on the bottom this is my exception. I love the strawberry and mango. Stay away from the pomegranate unless you are prepared for crunchy (seeds) in your yogurt. Also not crazy about honey, but there is also lemon, blueberry, peach, vanilla, etc.


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